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just-a-faded-nightmare asked:

When hearing the distress of a girl Ice couldn't help but groan, he didn't want to go help, but curiosity got the better of him, and Ice went after the sounds of distress.




It wasnt so much as distress as it was a yelp of pain and extreme annoyance as soemeone decided, hey, letsattack the helpless little blonde girl, she can’t defend herself, right?

Pft. Well, were they in for a surprise. Sophie had her sand out in an instant and gutted the first man like a knife as another grabbed her hair from behind and pulled, hard. 

"Hey you fuck! Let me go!"

Once Ice got to the scene of the ‘crime’ he could guess, he couldn’t help but let out an amused laugh. “well, well. seems as if I was wrong on my suspicions, this is far more entertaining to see.” 

He laughs again, but couldn’t help it, the sight of a girl as frail looking as the blonde infront of him was amusing, with the fact she’d been able to take out two guys twice her size any given day.

Sophie didn’t hear him, paying more attention to the guy trying to cop a feel- she slammed her elbow in his gut and  stomped down on his foot before she turned on her heels and nailed him in the crostch. While he was doubled over, Sophie slashed across his neck, and he was done for. 

She wiped her hands off as if she was done dealing with the scum of the earth- before her attention turned to the only spectator. 

"Can’t even help a girl out, huh?"

Ice watched with an impressed look on his face and couldn’t help but smile at her comment towards him when at last she had noticed him. “mmmm… you seemed to have been able to handle yourself, plus by time I came around you had already gutted the first guy, and where well on your way with the others.”  he states while pulling a cigarette out of his main pocket and lights it.

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